Using Binoculars for Stargazing

Using Binoculars for Stargazing

Who doesn’t have a binocular lying around? And if you happen to have one gathering dust in some obscure corner of your attic then get it out and clean it right now. Why? Because it is the perfect instrument to begin stargazing! Yup, you heard right and nothing comes close to start astronomy than a binocular.

In fact, if you are thinking of getting a telescope but have never used one before then stop and get a binocular first. Use it for at least a year. Operating a telescope under a clear night sky needs excellent hand eye coordination. Not only will you have to learn how to focus your scope but also navigate the night sky with perfection while doing so.

With a good pair of binoculars however you can see a lot more than the naked eye can. Even those used thrift store binoculars will let you experience astronomy without the complications. Next up start with a Planisphere so you know what you can look at and where to point those dual lenses at.

A tip for buying your first binoculars to stargaze – start with something small. Larger the optics heavier it is and harder it is to keep steady. You will have to get a tripod for larger binoculars. With smaller ones your hands are capable enough of stabilizing the image.

Once you get your binoculars start with the Moon and move on to planets. Once you have had enough experience tracking and seeing objects within the Solar system you can move to objects within the Milky Way.

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