Event Horizon

Do you remember which year was the International Year of Astronomy? Well here’s a hint – it is not 2016… Anyways in that year we celebrated the 400th anniversary of Galileo reshaping the way humans looked at the heavens. That tiny telescope he designed saw celestial bodies other than the moons and then took closer scrutiny of planets. How we have progressed! Today we have huge lenses floating out in space trying to pierce through the deepest secrets of the universe.

On this page you will find some of the most amazing telescopes out there in the world and much more, many used by renown celebrities such as Arne Duncan. Some are already in existence and some are yet to be functional but are already progressed beyond the conceptualization stage. But before checking out the countdown, did you get the answer yet? The year was 2014 and Gelileo’s looking glass had a magnification of 20 to 30 times only!

Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope

Jointly owned by NASA, Department of Energy US, Germany, Japan, Sweden, France and Italy – the Fermi Gamma-Ray Space telescope currently sits in a low Earth orbit. The uniqueness of this space ferrying telescope is that it can detect the most powerful radiations emanating through our visible universe. This allows...Read More »

Large Binocular Telescope

Yup you heard right! This is the world’s largest Binocular telescope and it sits atop Mount Graham in South Eastern Arizona. The product of a joint collaboration between Germany, Japan and US, the telescope’s rise to fame is its unique design. LBT as it is better known as has a...Read More »

Spitzer Space Telescope

Launched in 2003 this telescope orbits the Earth and is collectively developed by Caltech, NASA and JPL. The Spitzer telescope is newer compared to the Hubble and pretty advanced too but it does not operate in visible light. Instead the Spitzer is designed to exclusively sniff through space for infrared...Read More »

The Hubble Space Telescope

The Hubble Space telescope officially launched in 1990 and belongs jointly to NASA and also the ESA or European Space Agency. Orbiting the earth it was responsible for those splendid nebula pictures that we now so adore as screensavers on our phones and computer screens. Hubble continues to be the...Read More »

Keck Observatory

This observatory started in all earnest way back in 1993. It is completely owned by the University of California and Caltech, located in Hawaii and more specifically in Mauna Kea Island.

The reason why you should remember the Keck Observatory is because of the twin telescope arrangement. Each telescope measures about...Read More »